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What Concerns Businesses the Most? The Economy.

Harmful economic conditions are at the top of upstate CEOs' list of concerns for 2023, according to the latest Business Council, Siena College Research Institute (SCRI) poll.

"Adverser economic conditions" was the number one concern of 65% of those polled in this latest survey of more than 500 upstate business decision-makers. The list of 14 choices includes "Governmental relations," the second highest concern among 63% of CEOs, and "Rising supplier costs," last year's number one concern, now third among CEOs, with 60% saying it's a top concern.

The SCRI upstate CEO poll is done in partnership with The Business Council of New York State. The survey was done between November 2022 and February 2023, with 530 CEOs polled from seven regions. This was the 16th year the poll was conducted.

Other issue areas of concern included

  • Healthcare costs - 59%

  • Taxation - 57%

  • Energy - 54%

  • Human Resources - 48%

  • Supply Chain - 36%

Broken down by region, the biggest concern varied as of the six regions polled; four showed a different major issue area of concern. The Central New York/Mohawk Valley region agreed most on one big issue, with 75% of those polled saying rising supplier costs were their biggest concern.


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