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Upstate Minimum Wage Increasing in December

Despite the effects of the pandemic on employers, particularly upstate employers, the New York State Department of Labor (DOL) is proceeding with scheduled increases to the state’s minimum wage effective December 31, 2022. While there is no change for New York City employers, Long Island, or Westchester employers, the remainder of upstate New York will see increases to $14.20.

The change in wage will also impact the minimum salary levels paid to Executive and Administrative exempt employees. Some areas of the state will also see an increase in the wages paid to tipped employees and fast food workers.

The minimum salary level to be considered exempt from overtime under New York State law, for Executive and Administrative employees are tied to the minimum wage.

In addition to a change in pay, employers will be responsible for posting a new poster explaining the latest wages.

Below are the changes taking effect on December 31st.


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