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Report: New York Lost 142,000 Income Tax Filers in Two Years

Between 2020 and 2021, New York State lost more than 142,000 income tax filers the second most of any state during that time.

According to a new report from The Tax Foundation, 26 states saw a net gain in income tax filers, leaving 24 states to see a net loss. California (158,220) saw the most filers flee of any state, followed by New York (142,109), Illinois (53,910), Massachusettes (25,029), and Louisiana (14,113).

"For many years, policymakers, journalists, and taxpayers have debated the role state tax policy plays in individuals’ and businesses’ location decisions. Annual data about who is moving—and where—provide clues about the factors contributing to these moves," the report states.

The five states that saw the biggest jump in inbound tax filers were Florida (128,228), Texas (82,842), North Carolina (40,828), Arizona (32,636), and Tennessee (30,292).


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