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New York Textile Act Signed into Law in New York State

In an effort to bolster the manufacturing industry, Governor Kathy Hochul Friday signed the New York Textile Act. The act is meant to assist farmers producing plant or animal fibers in the textile industry and to support innovation, and sustainable development while creating new marking opportunities for natural fiber textiles produced in New York, a press release from Governor Hochul's office stated.

Through the press release, Governor Hochul said, "We are spooling together strong investments in textiles grown and manufactured in New York, helping ensure our businesses remain strong and innovative. I am proud to sign this legislation, which will support New York farmers and lay the foundation for expanding the burgeoning textile industries that call this state home, helping spur economic growth for decades to come."

New York has been known to be a leading textile-producing state, and this bill will expand the production capabilities, the release states


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