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New York State Installs 500,000 LED Lights

New York State officials announced this week they have replaced a half million streetlights across the state with LED bulbs.

The 500,000 streetlights were given "energy-efficient SMART LED fixtures" as part of a statewide effort known as the "Smart Street Lighting NY" program. The ongoing installation of nearly 4,000 streetlights throughout the Town of Ramapo, financed and implemented by the New York Power Authority, achieved New York’s goal of replacing 500,000 streetlights with LED technology nearly three years ahead of the program’s scheduled goal, according to a press release from Governor Kathy Hochul.

“New York is making incredible progress towards our climate agenda every day, and the latest example is the completion of the Smart Street Lighting NY program nearly three years ahead of schedule,” Governor Hochul said.

The program directly supports the goals of the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), an aggressive clean energy transformation law passed by the state legislature and signed by former Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2019.


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