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New York State Has More Job Openings Than People Seeking Work: Report

There are approximately 50,000 more job openings than they are unemployed workers in New York State, according to data from the US Chamber of Commerce.

The recent report looks at the labor shortage across the country and shows an interactive, state-by-state breakdown of job openings compared to the workforce in each state.

"There is a national worker shortage affecting the nation, and many states are feeling the impact," the report states. "The vast majority of states have more job openings today than it had before the pandemic, while labor force participation remains below pre-pandemic levels."

According to the report, New York State has about 452,000 job openings with an unemployed workforce of 401,407. The chamber defines a job opening as "positions that are unfilled and have available work" while defining the unemployed workforce as those who "do not have a job, have looked for work in the last four weeks, and are currently available and able to work".

New York's labor force participation rate is 61%, a category defined as "the percentage of the population that is working or actively looking for work".

The US Chamber of Commerce ranks the Empire State in the "least severe" category of states facing a labor shortage. The report finds that 14 states, including Florida, New Hampshire, and Vermont, are in the "most severe" category of labor force shortages.


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