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New York Receives More Than $660 Million for Broadband Infrastructure

New York State will receive $664 million in broadband infrastructure funding to increase connectivity to parts of the state lacking access. The announcement, made Tuesday, from New York State’s ConnectALL Office was from the federal Broadband Equity Access and Deployment (BEAD) Program.

"The BEAD allocation is the largest single investment in the ConnectALL program and will be used primarily for providing fiber optic infrastructure to locations in New York that currently have no broadband service," a press release from Governor Kathy Hohcul's office stated.

In addition to the federal infrastructure funding, aimed at reaching unserved or underserved locations, a state "ConnectALL" program was introduced by Governor Hohcul last year in her State of the State address. The state grants include programs to invest in public broadband infrastructure to upgrade service to affordable and public housing and to support digital inclusion and education on using the internet.


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