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$6 Million in EPA Funds Approved for New York Projects

Ten projects aimed at advancing environmental justice across New York State will receive $6 million in funding from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Five community organizations, four city agencies, and one state office have been selected by the EPA to receive funding through the 'Environmental Justice Collaborative Problem Solving Cooperative Agreement' and the 'Environmental Justice Government-to-Government' programs, according to a news release from the EPA.

The projects will support disadvantaged communities that have historically suffered from underinvestment to achieve cleaner air and water and implement climate resilience solutions, the report states. The selected projects will focus on community outreach, climate resilience, and nature-based programming, among other focuses and goals.

“When I led the Inflation Reduction Act to passage, I made sure this historic funding would go towards advancing environmental justice and uplifting community-based organizations to promote equity, grow greenspaces, and ensure a cleaner healthier environment for all,” said Senator Charles Schumer.


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