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Poll: Inflation High, COVID Low Priorities to Midterm Voters

A new poll released by Monmouth University shows of 12 specific issue areas of concern to voters, inflation (82%) and crime (72%) are among the highest of importance while COVID-19 (32%) and student loan debt (31%) are among the two issues of lowest concern. The pool of likely voters was asked to focus on the federal midterm elections.

According to a release from Monmouth University, Republicans have made slight gains in the public’s preference for party control of Congress since the summer. Currently, 36% of Americans say they want the GOP in charge, and another 11% have no initial preference but lean toward Republican control. Democratic control is preferred by 34% with another 10% leaning toward the Democrats. The combined 47% who choose Republican control is up from 43% in August, while the 44% support level for Democratic control is down from 50%.

On President Biden, the poll showed roughly half the public (49%) saying Biden is doing worse than they thought he would as president, with 21% saying he is doing better, and 28% believing he has accomplished about what they thought he would. President Biden's overall job rating remains negative, but stable with 38% approving of the job he is doing while 54% disapprove.

A full breakdown of the Monmouth Poll can be found here.


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