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Poll: 60% of Manufacturers Say "Future is Bright"

A nationwide poll of 150 manufacturing executives shows 95% are optimistic about the future of business in their industry, with 60% believing "the future is looking bright."

In a poll conducted by Forbes, Xometry, and Zogby when asked which statements were closest to the views they had regarding the health of their company, 60% said the "future is looking bright", and 35% stated they "see light at the end of the tunnel." The answers come despite a year filled with inflation, supply chain problems, and reports of a recession.

When asked about sales at their company, 71% said 2022 was a "better" year, while 10% said it was "worse" and 19% stated last year was "about the same."

While the last year has been a tough year for employers who are seeking to hire or retain skilled labor, 61% of those polled said they have increased wages for their employees with only 3% saying they declined wages in 2022.


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