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New York's Population Loss Led the Country: Report

New York State had more people leave in a one-year period than any other state, according to a recently released report.

The Tax Foundation's migration report shows from July 2021 to July 2022, New York State saw a 0.09% shrink in population, the highest among all states. A total of 14 states saw a population drop during the period of the study, a large majority being high-taxed states. The states with the largest inbound migration were Florida (1.9%), followed by Idaho (1.8%), South Carolina (1.7%), and Texas (1.6%).

"This population shift paints a clear picture: people left high-tax, high-cost states for lower-tax, lower-cost alternatives," the report states.

The latest report tracking population loss comes only a few months after the independent tax policy outlet ranked states by population loss based on age and income. The October report showed New York State with a net migration loss of 15,788 "rich young professionals", higher than any other state.


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