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Marist Poll: Inflation Among Top Voting Issues in New York State

Inflation and preserving democracy are the top two issues for voters in New York State this year, according to a new Marist poll released Thursday. Nearly three in ten registered voters (28%) say inflation is at the top of their minds when it comes to voting in this November’s election. Preserving democracy (24%) is a close second, the poll shows.

Inflation is a bi-partisan concern, but more of an issue for Republicans as 42% of GOP polled voters said it was a top priority, compared to 35% of Democratic voters calling the preservation of democracy their top priority.

The poll shows that more than 70% of all registered voters plan to head to the polls and vote in person this November, with 71% of Republicans and 62% of Democrats saying they will. Of those polled, just 15% of voters statewide said they will cast their ballot at an early voting location, with 12% saying they will vote by mail.

Governor's Race

The latest Marist poll shows among all registered voters, including undecideds, incumbent Governor Kathy Hochul has a ten-point lead, 51% to 41%, over her Republican challenger Lee Zeldin. The lead shrinks a bit among those who said they will "definitely vote", showing Hochul will just an eight-point lead.

New York's Federal Races

Democratic candidates, as a whole, running for Congress have a 54% support rate among voters who say they will definitely vote this November, according to the poll. The support for Republican candidates, among the same demographic, stands at 40%.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer holds a 20-point lead over his Republican challenger Joe Pinion, 54% to 34%, according to the latest poll.


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