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Governor: Clean Energy Jobs Hit Highest Total Ever

The number of clean energy jobs has hit an all-time high, according to Governor Kathy Hohcul. The number of individuals with clean energy jobs in New York State was 171,000 at the end of the year in 2022.

According to a report from the governor's office, jobs in the clean energy sectors continue to outpace overall job growth statewide as New York accelerates efforts to meet its climate goals, the governor stated via a press release. “New York’s communities are building sustainable pathways to success through workforce development. The quality, family-sustaining jobs we are seeing in the clean energy industry provide opportunities for growth, while also offering a chance to make a meaningful, positive impact on New York’s carbon footprint,” said Governor Hochul.

Additional notes from the report, highlighted by the governor's office, showed;

  • Clean energy job growth took place across all technology sectors

  • Building - decarbonization and energy efficiency added over 2,000 jobs, accounting for 75% of all clean energy employment in 2022.

  • Clean and alternative transportation continued to experience growth, expanding by almost 20%, or 2,223 jobs in twelve months.

  • Grid modernization and energy storage grew by 10%, or 241 jobs.

  • Renewable electric power generation also experienced 5% growth, with over 1,200 new jobs.


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